Scissor Lift Rentals

Scissor Lift Rentals

Are you still using ladders or scaffolding for your overhead jobs?

If you are, a scissor lift rental is a simple solution that can help get the job done easily, safely and on time. Nova Rentals offers a large fleet of scissor lifts, from well-known and reputable manufacturers like Genie and Skyjack. We have excellent rates if you want to rent a scissor lift for the day, week, month or longer. Trust Nova Rentals for our selection, process and top-rate customer service.

Out electric slab scissor lifts have maximum platform heights ranging from 19 feet up to 32 feet. They are energy efficient, with reduced charging times and zero emissions, making them ideal for both indoor ad outdoor use. Our scissor lifts can easily fit through most standard doorways, tight aisles, or any other narrow space that requires attention, and are the perfect choice when you need ample working space and lifting capacity without having to sacrifice maneuverability. Meant to work indoors and outdoors on poured concrete or paved surfaces, our electric slab scissor lifts will ensure you get the job don't right.

Always remember, safety is of the utmost importance when operating any aerial equipment, including scissor lifts. That is why our scissor lifts are serviced to manufacturers' specifications or greater and thoroughly tested to ensure our equipment is ready to tackle your project.


No One Can Beat Our Rates!

19' Scissor Lift Rental

$60 /day, $210 /week, $525 /4-weeks

26' Scissor Lift Rental

$80 /day, $280 /week, $700 /4-weeks

32' Scissor Lift Rental

$100 /day, $350 /week, $875 /4-weeks 

No Hidden Fees
$60 Delivery One Way* (within 40km of our location)